Lockdown foods–the waffling edition

Waffled Leftover Mac & Cheese

The Skillet section of Lifehacker.com has a regular ‘waffling’ feature, where different foods are put in the waffle iron. The waffled mac & cheese got my attention. My first attempt turned out like this.  Some of the edges get crispy. It can almost be a hand-held snack, but I recommend eating it over a plate, as some of the noodles will probably come loose.

Mac & Cheese

The instructionshttps://skillet.lifehacker.com/you-should-waffle-leftover-mac-and-cheese-1842567738

The recipe: I tried waffling two different mac and cheese recipes; both from allrecipes.com.  One was this stovetop recipe, and the other was this baked version.  The Lifehacker article recommends baked mac & cheese for waffling.  However, for flavor I preferred the stovetop version. 

Then for something different, I tried this recipe that adds pesto and dried tomatoes. It was also tasty and waffled well. https://www.foodiecrush.com/stovetop-pesto-macaroni-and-cheese-with-corn-and-sun-dried-tomatoes/ The pictures below are of this recipe.

The waffling process was simple:  Put a scoop of cold mac & cheese on the preheated waffle iron; smash the lid closed and let the sizzling begin.  Three (3) minutes in the waffler produced the best result for me. On removal, the mac and cheese doesn’t stick to the waffle iron, but I did have to gently coax it out; same as with a regular waffle.

There’s been another top notch lockdown music release! This one’s for Moody Blues fans.

5 thoughts on “Lockdown foods–the waffling edition

  1. THAT…is a cool idea! It makes me want to try other things as a waffle. That could be a dangerous path you just sent me down.


    1. Thanks! And yes, it’s a slippery slope, haha. The other waffled thing I’ve tried and liked was sliced Spam, believe it or not. I don’t plan to do a post on that. Lifehacker recommended it with a mayo-sriracha dip that made it quite tasty. I made it for game-day munchies for the Kansas-Baylor game, which Kansas lost. So it goes without saying that it will never again be served on game day.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m the same way…if I do something different and the Dodgers lose a playoff game…it never happens again. I haven’t had spam since I was a kid.
        I will have to look different things up.


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