8 thoughts on “D-I-Y Ironing board cover

  1. Nothing better than making older things useful again. I could say the same about myself lol.

    The Amy MacDonald song sounds like it could have come from the late sixties early seventies…sounds really good.


    1. I could stand to be made more useful, too. :p I’m glad you could see the post. For some reason, it isn’t showing up for me. I was thinking about deleting it and reposting it. Still might.

      Now that you say it, I agree, Amy’s song could have been from an earlier decade. Part of it is slower than what I would like, but the chorus is nice. The Tide Lines song grabs me as soon as the Scottish accent kicks in. 🙂

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      1. I didnt’ find the post in the reader…I clicked on your name because Sunday is when you post many times. If it is not showing in reader…I’ve had that happen to me…if you delete it…when you repost it…put a space in the title or name the title just a tad bit different…I’m not an expert but that is the only thing that worked for me. If I named it the same…it would not show.

        The Scottish accent does it for me…you can hear it come out once she gets started…and of course it’s a good song.


      2. It is annoying…I didn’t mean to blabber on…it comes natural in what business I’m in. I’ve had it to happen 3 straight mornings.


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