Valentine greeting, 1920s style

*Happy Valentine’s Day!*

This is a Valentine card of my grandma’s from when she was a little girl in the 1920s.


Grandmas paper doll valentine 1920s-Mary RSR

Opened up to show the front and back:

Grandmas paper doll valentine 1920s-Mary open RSR

Inside is a paper doll, and an envelope that holds her paper doll clothes:

Grandmas paper doll valentine 1920s-Mary2 RSR

Not only does the envelope have the clothes that came with the card, but either the giver or my grandma made more clothes for her.  I love the hand drawn ‘Life Guard’ suit!

Grandmas paper doll valentine 1920s-Mary3 RSR

The clothes that came with the card have little notes printed on the back.

Grandmas paper doll valentine 1920s-Mary4 RSR corr

Want to print your own fun retro valentine card?  Amtrak has some adorable downloadable ones!



Click on the pictures or this link to see the rest!

Whatever your plans for February 14th, have a lovely time!

How do you pick the one best song for Valentine’s Day?  I couldn’t do it.  Ruling out songs I’ve previously included in posts, here are several contenders.  It’s basically an entire playlist!

(For Dimming of the Day, also check out David Gilmour’s live version.  It’s really my favorite.)




10 thoughts on “Valentine greeting, 1920s style

  1. The detail in that card of your grandmothers is wonderful. I cannot believe it is in that good of shape.
    I haven’t heard the Seekers in forever…


    1. The card is in near perfect condition, that totally defies its 90+ years age. There’s another card that I may share next year. I wish I knew why she kept them. There must be a special memory with them, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to find out what it was.

      The Seekers have done some of my all-time fave feel good music.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It had to have a special memory for her not only to keep it but to carefully store it. Thanks for sharing…I love older things like that…things out of everyday life.

        Music like that compliments the mod era on the folk side to me from that period.


      2. I read somewhere that Judith Durham didn’t think she had a very good voice. That’s hard to figure. Her voice is what makes The Seekers great, imo. Her sound is perfect for their songs.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I heard Karen Carpenter say something like that before also… Judith had a great voice. I guess no matter how successful they all have insecurities.


      4. It really is…I can’t believe someone also actually called her overweight or whatever and started the ball rolling down the hill. To me she always looked tiny…even the earlier clips of her.


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