We interrupt this blog for a football game…

Go Kansas City Chiefs!  I’ve enjoyed the week of memes building up to this game.  “Pat > Pats”, etc.  While I watch tonight’s AFC playoff game, I’ll be wearing my vintage Chief’s jersey, kc chiefs jersey rsr

To keep my nervous hands busy, I’ll be knitting this fun scarf.  The pattern is a free download from the Lionbrand website.  I’ve made this pattern once before.  It makes a handy, warm scarf that stays in place.

Click on the picture to go to the Lionbrand pattern download page.

Here’s the SIP (‘scarf in progress’), in Lionbrand Hometown USA yarn.  The color is ‘Tampa Spice’.  I wanted it to be something red.

scarf in progress

The weather forecast for the game is absurdly cold.  It will be single digit windchill at game time, in the outdoor stadium.  In the stadium, that will feel like sub-zero temps.  Hopefully everybody there will have a way to stay somewhat warm.

I’ll have a cozy fire going in my room with the TV, and will make Honey-Sriracha Chicken legs in the Instant Pot and Air Fryer (stay tuned for future recipe post).

Go Chiefs!  (I know, I said that once already.)  Enjoy the game, fellow football fans.

10 thoughts on “We interrupt this blog for a football game…

  1. Thank God I’m not the only ones rooting for the Chiefs. My family is from Boston and they would (figuratively) KILL me if they read this, LOL. But yah I am not a Pats fan, I find them obnoxious and entitled. Blech. I’m tired of hearing what a hero Tom Brady is, I wish he’d retire already. Nice knits, I like the scarf style, I wish I wasn’t so “knitting impaired”. 🙂


    1. Thanks. I do get the feeling there were a lot of us. There were lots of things to point to as contributing to the final score, but a coin toss deciding who got one last chance to score is a bitter pill to swallow. We’ll be back next year.

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  2. Boo! Now I have to listen to my resident Patriots fans carry on like wild animals for the next 2 weeks, plus there goes my peaceful Sunday on the 3rd. Very sorry for all of us that Kansas City didn’t get their victory like they should have!


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