Six Updates on Things I Wrote About in 2018

Just for fun, here is what has happened with some of the things I wrote about over the last year.


Our historic ballpark is gone.

The entrance to our 84-year old ballpark looked like this in September, when they announced it would be torn down.

WP_20180903_003 a

They first tore the grandstand down.  Here is the site in November, when only the box office and entry gate remained.  Now those are gone too, and it’s a big flat dirt field.

stadiumtorndown2 RSR

stadiumtorndown b RSR

In 2020, we are supposed to have a new ballpark in its place.


I finished reading “Sticky Fingers”.

Sticky fingers cover

After my blog post about the book, it took a couple of renewals from the public library, but eventually I finished the book.  It is a well written book about a repulsive character.  It was a repulsive read to the end.  It made me want all of those hours back that I’d spent over the years reading Rolling Stone magazine.

The soiling of Page 393.

As I was pushing on to finish the book, a bad thing happened.  I took the book with me to the movie theater to read while waiting for the movie to start.  I bought a little bag of popcorn.  Too late, I realized the bag was leaking butter.  I soiled the library book on possibly the most important page, and maybe the only important page of the entire book.

Page 393 a w RSR

When I returned it to the library, I confessed and showed them the page.  I’m waiting to find out if they are going to bill me for the book.  They certainly are within their rights to ask me to pay for it.  Because I was up front with them, and the stain was confined to a couple of pages (it bled through to the next page), they will not ask me to pay for a replacement book.  Lesson learned!  Have I mentioned how much I ❤ our library?  Well, this is just the latest reason.


The electric blanket needs another repair already.

Thanks to the foster pup, aka “Jaws”.

Chewed plug aw RSR


The pepper plant is still growing.  

The Poblano pepper plant that I’d planted and tended outdoors all summer, is now in a pot on the enclosed porch in the south sun.  It gets cold on the porch but has stayed above freezing.  When the sun is shining, the room can get above 70°.  Three peppers are growing on the plant, albeit very slowly.  I may be waiting all winter for a harvest of three peppers.

Outdoors vs Indoors:




Another Coco dress is in the works.

Here are numbers 1 and 2.


Sneak preview of #3:

Yellow Coco aw RSR


I’ve made a shell from the 1937 pattern making instructions


and it fits.

IMG_20190101_160201865a w RSR


Aaand another holiday season is in the books.  One of my favorite holiday songs goes from reflective to angry to a call for hopefulness.  It sums up the end of the holiday season the way I feel it–looking back on the joyous gatherings of family and friends, and looking forward to the new year.

“And so I skate, across the Thames, hand in hand, with all my friends.  And all the things that we planned…

“Goddamn this government, will they ever tell me where the money went?  Protesters march out on the street, as young men sleep amongst the feet.”

“The end of Christmas day, when there is nothing left to say, the years go by so fast, let’s hope the next beats the last.”



5 thoughts on “Six Updates on Things I Wrote About in 2018

  1. I’m in the first of the book… and I already don’t like him. I’ve put reading it off and on since I’ve had it. It starts off great with Lennon…even Jann as a child…I don’t like him..and I like kids.


    1. I did the same thing–set the book aside for several long breaks. I could only stomach so much at a time. He really was unlikeable from the very start. I remember thinking that about David Crosby when I read his book, too. Those two have a lot of similarities, the way they use people.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You totally warned me but I had to read the anecdotes. If they would have just extracted those…I would have read just that.
        The fact that Crosby is still alive amazes me…more than Keith Richards. He is a piece of work.
        Btw….I have forgotten what you said before…are they building a new ballpark?


      2. The anecdotes were definitely what kept me reading. I was maybe most surprised at all of Annie Liebowitz’s experiences. She is the one who needs to write her biography.

        I too am more amazed at Crosby than Richards. Richards got control and stayed in control, and doesn’t seem to be a horrible person. Crosby on the other hand….

        They are building a new state-of-the-art ballpark and bringing in a triple-A affiliate of the Marlins.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Liebowitz is very interesting. The stories that she could tell.
        Yea Richards is a guy I would love to have a beer with.
        That is right. I remember now…I’m glad you will have a team. Nashville went through the same thing a few years ago.

        Liked by 1 person

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