One pattern; Two very different sweaters

This is the knitting pattern.  It’s a free download from Lionbrand.  Link:


The pattern calls for Vanna’s Choice yarn, which comes in a lot of colors, is economically priced, and easy to find in the required quantities.

The first time I made the pattern, I stuck to the script, using the prescribed yarn and sizing for the cropped waist-length style.  The yarn color was called ‘Goldfish’ (not offered now).  I think it’s a great Autumn color.  The only variation I made was adding the thin pink tips for interest.  I really enjoyed making the sweater.  It has traveled well.  I have loved wearing it; usually paired with black jeans and boots.  The big fold-over neck is a built-in muffler under a coat in cold weather.  IMG_20181026_174022972a

Pumpkin sweater-aw RSR

Its latest wearing was this past week, to a local art gallery where Cartoonist-to-The-Beatles, Ron Campbell was appearing and exhibiting his works.  This was a no-photos event, so I can only show you what he has published on line.  You can check out his webpage, and this very cool 11-second time-lapse video.

I wish I’d had more advance notice; to plan, shop and decide on one of his prints.  The prices were enough that I’d want to plan ahead rather than purchasing on impulse.  Watching these videos, I badly want another chance to shop his prints.

Sweater #2

The second making of this pattern came when I fell in love with a skein of vibrant teal Red Heart Soft yarn in the bin at Joann’s.  The store only had the one skein in that color, but the label said ‘no dye lot’, so all I had to do was wait for the stock to be replenished, right?  Wrong!  When more of the color came in, it had a noticeably greener cast.  Drat.  I had already knitted an entire sleeve with the ‘good’ color skein.

I knitted on, incorporating two other yarns as stripes to keep the different teal colors separated.  One of the yarns is reflective.  I also added two additional cables to the bottom for a less-cropped shape.  I was disappointed even as I continued to knit, because I had initially envisioned a solid colored sweater in that gorgeous teal color of the first skein.  I wasn’t sure I wanted a striped version.

It became a UFO (unfinished object).  When the pieces were all knitted, I left them sitting in a pile for the rest of the winter.  Then, late last Spring, I finally picked them back up and decided it was worth seaming them together to at least see how the sweater would look.  The result was a surprise.  I loved it.  But with warm weather on the doorstep, the sweater was boxed up after just one test-wearing.

Teal sweater2-aw RSR

Lindsey Buckingham!

Fast forward to this Fall, and the newly-finished teal sweater with reflective bits finally got its first full outing–to a concert.  Lindsey Buckingham brought his solo show to our area.  He was witty and had great stories.  His live music was exceptionally good.  His energy never waned.  Neither did the crowd’s, because who can sit still when you’ve got visions of the Family Truckster careening down a Kansas road?

Lindsey Buckingham1 RSR

His band is really superb.

Lindsey Buckingham2 RSR

Wrap-up of the sweater projects:

  • The most basic advice, that you already know:  Buy all of the yarn you need for a project before you start.  ‘No dye lot’ on the label does not mean no variations in color.
  • Here are the yarns used in the blue-teal sweater:
    • Red Heart Soft, color Teal–The gauge was very close to Vanna’s Choice, but this yarn is softer and has less body.  It is comfortable on the skin, but the collar will need some added support to hold its shape.
    • Red Heart Reflective, color: Peacock –Slightly bulkier gauge, but was fine for stripes and cuffs.
    • Big Twist Premium Solids, color:  Peacock–This line has been discontinued per Ravelry.  It’s a medium/4 weight, but slightly more dense than Vanna’s Choice and RedHeart Soft.
  • I recommend the pattern, if you love making cables and bobbles like I do.
  • The sweater is knit all in one piece, so it gets to be a bulky parcel to carry around.  The blue sweater was more ‘portable’, since I broke it into pieces.  But that meant more stitching pieces together at the end.

More of Lindsey….

[When he gets to the last minute or so of Never Going Back Again, I wonder how the Mac ever decided it was a good idea to part ways with this performer.]

A surprise fave from the concert was I Must Go.

He never actually said the name of his former band, but he closed his encore with an inspired version of Treason.

Lindsey’s got a new album coming out early next year, with more touring planned.

11 thoughts on “One pattern; Two very different sweaters

  1. This post is AMAZING! I love the sweaters! They’re really gorgeous and the colours you chose are beautiful! I learned to knit over fifteen years ago, but haven’t done any knitting in years now and even then could only manage really uncomplicated scarves and baby blankets! I’d love to learn to knit sweaters and stuff one day!

    And also, Ron Campbell AND Lindsey Buckingham all in one post! I’m incredibly envious that you got to see Lindsey live AND go to the Ron Campbell exhibit! Both must have been so cool! 🙂


    1. Thank you sooo much! I learned basic knitting when I was little, but this pattern was definitely a step up in complexity for me. I basically decided to try it because I loved the picture. I followed the pattern step by step, and voila, it worked out! So I’d tell you to give knitting a sweater a try and see what happens. I was hooked on cables after this. It was really fun to do something that was more than straight knitting row after row.

      And ya, it was a week of cool experiences around here! I’m still so amazed that I met The Beatles’ cartoonist and saw his drawings and paintings.

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      1. Wow! I’m even more impressed now!! I’ll definitely have to give it a try! I actually picked up a knitting book from the thrift store a few weeks back, called Vintage Knits by Sarah Dallas, but I’ve been scared to give it a try because I don’t have any experience making sweaters, etc, and don’t know anything about reading knitting patterns, but I definitely want to jump in and give it a try, especially after reading this!

        That’s so, so cool! What was he like? His drawings and paintings must have been even more amazing to see in person!


      2. On knitting, and choosing a sweater pattern that will challenge your skills but not be defeating, maybe just carefully read over a pattern of a sweater you like. If you can read and understand the directions, you can probably knit it, even if it contains some new stitches and techniques you haven’t tried before. I’ve found the new things make the project more fun and interesting. It also helps to not be a perfectionist. If I mess up on a stitch, I try to find a way to adjust and keep going, rather than unraveling a large portion, which to me IS defeating.

        Mr. Campbell was quite down to earth. He spoke little, and was nice.


  2. Never Going Back Again is one of favorite Fleetwood Mac songs period… this version is great. Lindsey seems like a good guy.

    I didn’t know Ron Campbell worked on both the cartoon series and Yellow Submarine… thanks for the link…he worked many cartoons I saw as a child.


    1. Lindsey plays with such all-out passion. I’m already looking forward to the next time I see his show, whenever that might be. Never Going Back Again is also one of my faves of the band. Virtually all of my Mac faves are Lindsey’s songs.

      I was blown away with the long list of cartoons Campbell has illustrated. It was basically my entire Saturday-morning childhood hanging on the gallery walls, inviting me to purchase them. And then I could have watched the original artist draw me my own certificate of authenticity.

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      1. That song and Second Hand News…He has an excellent taste in recording… on how much guitar or what else to add. He never overplays.

        To me I would rather have a print of his than some other well known artists…well it is pop art and I love it. I was blown away when I saw his website…He drew our childhood.


      2. We didn’t get Second Hand News (which I would have loved), but we did get a great version of Tusk.

        I too would prefer something from Campbell. It is art to me, and meaningful. It would warm my heart to have one of his prints on my wall.

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      3. I’ve been to over 50 concerts and have missed Lindsey solo and with Fleetwood Mac… I do regret that.

        Thats me also…it makes me happy and smile when I see one of those colorful prints.


      4. Lindsey said he will be touring next year in support of his new album. And, every artist comes through your area on tour. I’m sure you’ll get a chance to see him.

        Fleetwood Mac came here a couple years ago.
        That’s been my only time to see them. Everyone has their favorite member(s) of that band, but for me, Lindsey stole the show.

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      5. I have a childhood friend that plays guitar and Lindsey is his hero. Lindsey is unique in his playing… plus he is a very good songwriter. It always takes two guys to replace him.

        I will keep my eyes open. The last concert I went to was Jake Bugg with my son Bailey last December.

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