The county fair and a campout

The night before my recent trip to the vintage clothing store, I went to the county fair.  I enjoyed looking at all of the hand crafted items, and home grown produce of the local 4-H’ers.

There were some excellent handmade garments on display, by teens and by grade schoolers.  To my distress, what you see here was all of the constructed garment entries this year.  This downtrend makes me want to stop what I’m doing and personally try to reverse the trend and bring young people into the wonderful world of sewing and handmade clothing.

DG County Fair garment construction teens

DG County Fair garment construction grade school age

There was beautiful home grown produce.

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There was gorgeous woodworking, and a fun repurposing challenge.

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The foods entries were great.  They had everything from breads and baked sweets to canned and dehydrated produce.  I was too busy admiring to remember to take a picture.

Over in the animal buildings, there were newly shorn sheep in fabulous jackets.  Two of my favorite jackets were the high necked trench coat and a fabulous hot pink number.  The sheep were quite friendly, too.

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As for the other animals, there was a handsome rooster that did a great cockadoodledoo, but refused to do a repeat performance for my camera.  There was a lovely dairy cow who looks great with purple accessories, a perfect pink pig that belongs in Charlotte’s Web, and a spotted pig on the loose, who had the prettiest floppy pig ears.

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It was demolition derby night, too!  This event was packed; standing room only.  This picture should come with sound.  The motors were loud, and the crowd roared with appreciation.

DG County Fair Demolition Derby


That night, hotel rooms in town were scarce and pricey, but that didn’t matter to me, because I’d opted to take advantage of the gorgeous weather forecast.  I packed my tent, chair, backpacking stove, and breakfast, for an overnight at the lake campground just outside of town.  The lake was a CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) construction project in the 1930s, and has been nicely preserved.  My siblings and I loved visiting this lake when we were growing up.  Point of trivia:  William S. Burroughs had a little cabin at this lake in the last years of his life.

On this particular night, my thirtysomething nephew came out with his lawn chair.  We sat and talked while looking out over the lake until 1am, mostly sharing fun memories about the lake and about our siblings, parents and grandparents.

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6 thoughts on “The county fair and a campout

    1. That is great you volunteer at the fair. I love seeing the sewing skills and the creativity of young people. I’m really glad you are seeing an increase in entries. I’d love for that trend to catch on everywhere.

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  1. I love carnivals…especially at night with the sights and sounds…The glow of the multi-colored lights is magic to me because I become 10 again…
    Is the Burroughs cabin still there?
    Thanks for the Moody Blues song…never heard that one.


    1. I too love carnivals, day and night. Our state fair starts next week, and that’s one of the things I’m looking forward to.

      Yes, the Burroughs cabin is still there. A couple bought it and renovated it after he died, and then they listed it on ebay. I can’t pull up the ebay listing now, but here’s a local newspaper article on it.

      The MB song is appended to the end of ‘Tuesday Afternoon’ on the album. Every once in awhile, I catch a radio station playing the extended/album version

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  2. Thanks for the article… That is so interesting and a historic place… I’m surprised Burroughs lived as long as he did…

    As many times as I’ve heard Tuesday Afternoon…I don’t remember that.


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