Juneathon, day 7–Forgot my shoes!

It was the morning of the totally awesome annual 10k trail run that I now look forward to all year.

The good news:  I found my Garmin, charged it in the car during the 45-minute drive to the race, and got parked in plenty of time for the race.

The bad news:  Once I arrived and parked, I took off my old white leather cross-trainers to change into my running shoes.  Reached in the bag for my running shoes…  and they weren’t there.  I’ve now lived out my nightmare where I arrive at a race without my shoes.  So thinking, “There must be a pair of running shoes in here somewhere,” I turned the contents of my car inside out.  Nada.  No running shoes.  I found an extra set of almost everything but shoes.  I ended up with a very disorganized car to straighten out.  I downgraded to the 5k and wore my cross trainers.

We had two inches of rain in the wee hours this morning, that mercifully let up just in time for the race.  The course was muddy; the creeks were flowing.  It-was-a-blast.  WP_20140607_001--b








There was mud everywhere after the race.





This is the only trail run I do, and this is the first year since I started doing this race, that it has been wet and muddy.  Yet I now badly want a pair of trail running shoes.  For next year.  I’ll keep them in the car.

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