Cabin fever

Over a foot of snow fell here last week.  One day we got 9 inches, then a few mornings later, we woke to 4 more inches on top of that.  The temp has been in the deep freeze until today.  The streets are a mess; the sidewalks much worse.  I’ve managed to get out for some snow walk/runs, but I’m really ready for an actual run.  Hopefully this weekend.



I confess, Winter is getting old.  I’m ready for Spring; the wind, the rain, the tornado warnings.  Okay, not the tornado warnings.

A couple of weeks ago, while stuck indoors, I started cleaning out my yarn stash, and boom.  The knitting muse struck.  I got this sudden urge to use up as many yarn scraps as I could.  I also wanted to get some more use out of those ridiculously expensive size-35 circular knitting needles I had to special order for the Katniss cowl project.  So, voila.  An unusual neck scarf.


I’ve worn the scarf on errands a couple of times, over my red down coat.  It gets noticed, and I’ve gotten some compliments on it.

And here’s a sneak preview of the cardigan I’m working on.  I need to finish the front closure and the sleeves.  Then I’ll post more views.


And, when this free download pattern for knitted USA mittens came in the weekly Lionbrand newsletter, I couldn’t resist.  I’m working on the mittens while watching sports on TV.  One mitten is done; I’m about halfway through the cuff on the second one.

US flag mitten-w

The pattern can be downloaded from here.  (You might first need to register with Lionbrand which is free.)

Have a lovely, lovely Valentine’s  Day!

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