“You don’t have to stop what you are doing.”

Those were the words from the podiatrist today.  Yesss!  The diagnosis is still Morton’s neuroma.  No surprise there.  The symptoms have become impossible to ignore.  For some time my right foot has felt like there was a tennis ball inside it, just behind the middle toes.  Back when I first knew something was wrong, there was a clicking sensation in that spot when I pushed off with that foot.  But now it just feels like a tennis ball.  When I start running, and sometimes even just walking around the house, my middle toes are numb.  When I pivot, or step on an uneven surface, a burning pain shoots through my middle toes.  While it is not extreme pain, it does cause me to take extra walk breaks when I’m on a run.

I also learned today that I have hammer toes.  That is a term I’ve heard my whole life, without ever knowing I had it.  Apparently, the two foot conditions aggravate one another.  The initial treatment step is very simple.  I’m to start with adding a little stick-on metatarsal pad in my shoes and report back in a few weeks as to how that is working.

Metatarsal pad

I tried the metatarsal pad tonight on a mile run, and it felt weird.  But I think it took the edge off of the inflammation and burning sensation.  So I’m encouraged to give it a chance.  We’ll see how it goes day-by-day.

I also got a huge boost from the other thing the podiatrist said:  “You’re very healthy.”

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