Final days of the holiday running streak.

There are just a couple of days left in the holiday running streak.  On my Boxing Day outing I got to see the finished Christmas snow fort.

Nice work!  Christmas snow fort finished

And the cozy interior.Christmas snow fort inside

And then we had two sunny days where the temp got above freezing.  We are now back in the deep freeze for a couple of days, so the fort should be preserved in this condition for awhile.  Christmas snow fort melted

Three days are left to go in the holiday running streak, and then…a new streak begins with Janathon.  Woohoo!


A very happy birthday to Ray Thomas of The Moody Blues, probably best known for his iconic flute solos.  But, he also has a deep rich lovely voice and writes lyrics that are full of amazing imagery and insight, that to me make his songs unique, wonderful, and very much underrated.

I couldn’t choose just one Ray Thomas song, so I compiled a short playlist of my five very favorites.

He also has a great website with old photos, Twitter updates, and a guestbook for leaving him messages.  Ray Thomas website

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