I Can’t Believe How Easy This Was.

I have several of these cotton rib knit turtlenecks that are a few years old, and would have a lot more wear in them, if they hadn’t continued to shrink and lose their elasticity, as cotton sweaters seem to do.  This one reached the point where I could barely pull it over my head, because the neck doesn’t stretch wide enough anymore.  *Insert big head joke here.*


I liked it enough in the beginning, to crochet trim for the sleeves and bottom hems.  So I don’t want to discard it just yet.IMG_5844crop-w

I decided to try cutting it down the front and making it a cardigan.IMG_5845w

The ribbed knit made the cutting and stitching easier.  All I had to do was identify the center rib, and follow it.  I first stitched on both sides of the cutting line, using a wide, overlocking stitch.  Then I cut between the two rows of stitching.  IMG_5846w

My red thread ran out before I had stitched all the way down the second side, so I had to switch to what else I had on hand–a variegated red.  Not a problem; it will be hidden in the end anyway.  But for now, the patch of light-colored thread on the left side allows for a closer look at the stitches. IMG_5846cropped-w

I’ve been warned against using the stitch-and-cut technique with crochet, but I didn’t see any other option here.  I think it worked out okay.  Those ends will also be encapsulated in woven fabric in the next step.


I sewed a strip of woven shirting from top to bottom, and….ta-da!   IMG_5848w

I included a strip of lightweight fusible interfacing down each side.

For the front closure, I had picked out a card of budget-priced small black shirt buttons for down the front.  But once I reached this point in the project, I decided the look calls for larger buttons.  So, I need to return to the store to see what I can find.  Also, at this point, I like the outcome well enough to invest in more expensive buttons if the look is right.

There is a reason why I chose the grey shirting.  This is just Part I of the project.  Part II is making a skirt from this fabric that has spent too long in my stash.


Part II coming soon…

On cardigans and skirts, and new beginnings, and maybe a trip to Paris someday.

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