Reminiscing on my (almost) 24 hours in Bristol at the end of June.

It started with a hike with two good friends from our hotel in the centre to the awesome Clifton bridge.IMG_2112a




Yes, I did the slide.  I recommend seat padding for the trip down.  The rock is highly polished, but it is still rock hard.IMG_2092w

It was a “green day” in Bristol.  The centre was blocked off from car traffic.  This was an uphill bicycle race.  Naturally, when I wanted to catch a photo, no one was racing.IMG_2078w IMG_2080w

After spending two hours trying to find a store that sells international plug adapters and sim cards (did find a sim card), it was on to the evening entertainment.IMG_2141w


Pub stop with friends after the concert.  Endless good times and memories.  IMG_2374a

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