In a fog

This was a foggy morning.  I did my 3.5 mile loop (wearing my sweatshirt mittens, now with thumb holes).  These pictures look like it is dusk, but it is actually about 10am.  I got a little carried away with the fog pictures.  It was lovely and peaceful out there.

This also illustrates our drought.  That wide area between the trees should be full of water.  Normally, I can kayak through there.  But right now it is a big mud puddle.  IMG_0037a

IMG_0038a  IMG_0041a

Someday, when I’m tired of running, I’m going to stop for a game of checkers.   IMG_0053a

This dock should be floating.IMG_0059a

We had an inch of rain yesterday morning, but it will take a lot more than that just to get the water level back up to Zero.IMG_0060a


A little perspective.

Snow Lake Jan 30 2013

Have I mentioned that this is my favorite quarter-mile stretch anywhere?  It is.  IMG_0065

Looking back on a clear day.Marion Dam-a


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