Beer Bread vs. Wine Bread

It’s well-known that beer bread is tasty and simple to make. I’ve pondered whether bread could be made with wine instead of beer. According to a few people on the internet, the answer is yes. This past week I tried both beer and wine, and both worked. The wine version had a different flavor from the beer version; in a way not easily described. The flavor of beer bread is distinct and also not easy to describe, but it’s very tasty. It’s sweet, with a velvety soft, slightly spongy texture.

Here is what my beer bread and wine bread looked like side-by-side.


  • Beer bread tastes great warm or toasted with butter. That’s my favorite way to eat it. But it can also be used for sandwiches or as as you would use any loaf of bread.
  • The wine bread flavor wasn’t quite so easily adaptable to my palate, but I did enjoy it made into peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I still want to try it with savory spreads as well.


Beer bread could not be simpler to make. It’s only three ingredients mixed together: a can or bottle of beer, self-rising flour, and sugar.

Beer bread recipe: (I took the suggestion of several reviewers’, and increased the sugar to 1/4 cup.)

Wine bread recipe: (I used some of my Instant Pot Wine!)

No self-rising flour on hand? Make your own with this recipe from King Arthur Flour: (It’s just all-purpose flour, baking powder and salt.)


I think beer bread tastes better, but when I find myself with a bottle of wine that has been sitting too long, this will definitely a way to use it.