It’s Juneathon eve

After spending another 6 months trying to manage Morton’s Neuroma and its contributing factors, and pretending I didn’t have a blog, it is time for another Juneathon attempt.  I am taking a deep breath and resolving to see progress in mileage and fitness this month.  I started last week with my first 5-mile run/walk in ages.  It felt great to be out there.

Yesterday, I participated in a community bicycling event for all ages and cycling abilities.  Adding up the miles cycled to, from, and as part of the event, my total was 11 miles, and a lot of fun.

Riverfest Bicycling


Some things I’ve learned while being sidelined from running with Morton’s:

  • Bicycling at a gentle pace can be enjoyable and does contribute to the fitness level.
  • Yoga stretches done gently are great for posture and contribute to the fitness level.
  • Walking to and from the transit system does contribute to the fitness level.