The Insidious Cousin of Rising Grocery prices: The Shrink Ray

This is what I’m talking about:

Tortilla chips at Aldi have gone from 92 cents a bag to $1.42 per bag. Dollar Tree items are now $1.25, instead of $1. Milk and gasoline were both $1.59/gallon less than two years ago. Milk has doubled since then; gasoline almost tripled. We can all do the inflation math. I’m splurging less to keep my budget in line.

And now turning attention to this product:

Photo from Walmart website

I’m not specifically recommending this brand of dishwasher detergent, because what works for one household isn’t necessarily right for another. Water hardness, dishes, pans, food and food preparation routines all factor in to what works. The range of positive and negative reviews on one retailer’s site shows that this detergent is great for some households, and for others it doesn’t clean and leaves a hard residue on the dishes. But this product works in my household, and finding a detergent that works consistently for me has not been easy.

For the past couple of months, I haven’t been able to buy this product anywhere. The shelf where it resides at the store has been bare. Today it was back, but look at the difference from my old bottle:

Same price, but the new one has been hit with a shrink ray. Grrr. I’m calling you out, Palmolive. This is an outrageous price increase. I didn’t realize the size disparity until I got home and set it next to the old empty bottle. I’ve tried before to make my own dishwasher detergent, and wasn’t thrilled with the product, but now I’m fired up to try again. Stay tuned.

Not related to the topic above, but from a time when I don’t think people bought much dishwasher detergent because well, most homes didn’t have dishwashers yet. Here’s a long-forgotten song from 1969 that I heard this week.

11 thoughts on “The Insidious Cousin of Rising Grocery prices: The Shrink Ray

  1. The prices are crazy! We had it down before this happened…go into a store and spend around 60-65 a week for normal groceries….now we cannot leave without spending 90-110. I drive 72 miles round trip to work so that doesn’t help either.

    That Palmolive bottle is marketing trickery at it’s best/worse. I drink Gatorade Zero and it’s almost doubled in my area.

    Jennifer made our clothes detergent at one time…it was even “He” approved. This was a few years ago…it worked really well for us. You have to make a lot at a time but it lasted a long time.

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    1. You must really be feeling the prices with your commute. Ouch. I don’t envy you. I’m glad to not be the only one willing to try DIY workarounds. Kudos to Jennifer for finding a good one. If I figure out an acceptable recipe for dishwasher detergent, you know I’ll be sharing it. I won’t rule out a laundry version either.

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  2. Sorry to bother you but I have to ask and I was rushed the other day. Did you enjoy Life On Mars?


      1. Ok…cool. The ending of the US put me off. They rushed it.
        Ashes to Ashes is pretty good also…it tells you why it all happened.


      2. I can’t believe they are reviving it…with John Simm…so this will be interesting. I’m not sure if it’s going to be a one off special or not. I’m glad you liked it!

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