Squishy Squeaky Squares — DIY dog toys

When Myrtle the two-year-old pup is being awful, and I need some peace, I can reach for the red plush fabric, and spend 5 minutes making her a squishy squeaky square.

When she sees me grab the red fabric, she calms down and sits as still as a statue by my sewing chair until I’m done. When I finish and hand it to her, her appreciation is a wonder.


The squeakers came from Amazon. For Myrtle, I got the 2-inch size. https://amzn.to/3jLL9q5

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9 thoughts on “Squishy Squeaky Squares — DIY dog toys

  1. As soon as I played the video of Myrtle playing with the squeaky toy…I heard thunderous paw-steps coming closer. Martha circled around my laptop wanting to know what was going on. She is the first Saint we had that liked toys. She loves them…she still has a stuffed penguin we got her when we brought her home.

    How is Myrtle doing? When you talked about needing peace…I can relate!

    Thanks for this… this looks pretty simple. We need to order some of those squeakers…this would be really cool.

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    1. That’s great Martha responded! I bet she’s an energetic, fun companion these days. The toys are so simple to make. There’s no need to be neat or precise about them, since the pups don’t care about that. They just need to be soft and squeaky. 🙂 I’m in constant need for more things to occupy Myrtle. These really help.

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      1. Oh my goodness…never have we had a dog this active. She gets the zoomies everyday…nothing like a 120 lb dog in your house running amuck.
        I have to tell myself…she is a puppy…she is a puppy etc.
        Does Myrtle get the zoomies at all?

        But yes…the more toys the better


      2. Myrtle is a very hyper 55-60lbs, but doesn’t exactly get the zoomies. She does everything with the momentum of a freight train though. The pandemic didn’t help. They closed our dog park, and we couldn’t socialize with other people and dogs. She needed it badly. She’d been making good progress at manners, but I feel like we’ve had to start over completely.

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      3. I know what you mean. Martha wants to jump up on people….she does it easy but I’m like NOOOOO….we didn’t get to socialize her. We are trying now. I take her to Tractor Supply now to attempt it.
        I feel your pain though.


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