Three upcoming releases I’ll be watching


The first four episodes are available now on Apple TV+. Future episodes are being released each Friday. The first episode was silly. From then on, each episode got better than the one before. I now don’t want the series to ever end.

This is the story of the coach who led last year’s (fictional) Wichita State Shockers football team through an undefeated season, and trip to the Rose Bowl; and then agreed to coach the Richmond, UK football (soccer) team. It’s London, Kansas, sports, and a bit of baking, all in one delightful package. In real life, there is no Wichita State football team. The university hasn’t had a football team since 1986, which makes this series even more awesome. They use the actual WSU mascot and logos.

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FARGO, Season 4

The next season of Fargo will be released on September 27 on FX. It is set in Kansas City in the 1950s, and stars Chris Rock. I cannot wait. “Girl, you’ve got a panty on your head.”

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The latest remake of Daphne Du Maurier’s Rebecca will be released October 21, on Netflix. How much am I looking forward to it? I’ve written a whole post on it, that’s how much. Read it here.

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(This is an entertainment report on the movie; not a trailer)

And now for some music: We are now in Round 5 of the Slice The Life 2020 Album Draft. For the latest ‘desert island album’ picks, click here.

For the latest Run-Sew-Read pick, click here. Or sample a song from the album:

9 thoughts on “Three upcoming releases I’ll be watching

  1. The Ted Lasso looks really interesting. I didn’t know they didn’t have a football team in real life.

    That was a great pick…I love all the different picks that have been made. My one contribution was Big Star.


    1. Ted Lasso is surprisingly good. You have to watch more than the first episode to see. Yes the lack of a football team is still not well accepted here, and it’s been 30+ years since they ended it.

      All of your picks have been good; not just the one. Thanks.

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      1. I wouldn’t think that would be a popular thing there. I read where they couldn’t carry one because of the financial strain. You would think football would make money.

        Thank you… well Big Star was out of left field…there I go again with the baseball terms.


      2. I think three D1 football programs in Kansas was more than the state could support. Every so often there is a movement to bring back football, but the cost seems prohibitive. Other Shocker sports programs are very strong and successful, so that’s the tradeoff.

        Big Star was indeed a good one to introduce people to. The draft is about half over. It will be interesting to see what comes out in the 2nd half.

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      3. In the south the football program funds the others usually…unless it’s Kentucky where the basketball program does… I do see that though.

        Yea I’m still going over albums…I have a few in mind but nothing concrete yet…my next pick isn’t til Sept 2


      4. Kansas Univ is more like Kentucky, but Kansas State does have a robust football program. I think Wichita may be too close in proximity to those two places for a third football program to be sustainable. The Wichita football stadium is where the Stones played in ’06, so we can’t say they haven’t put it to good use, hehe.

        I think I have decided on three more album picks, and have two spots still unknown.

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      5. So the Wichita football stadium is just there not being used…except for special events?

        I’m going to be dissappointed when it ends.


      6. The stadium is also used for track meets and practices. However, they did file for approval earlier this year to demolish it and put up a new facility for those activities. I can’t argue. It’s got to be a monster to maintain.

        I’ll be sad with the draft ends too, but relieved I won’t have to think so hard about which albums to choose, haha.

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      7. You are right…to maintain something that big would be expensive.
        Yes I know what you mean…the coolest part is seeing whatever everyone else picked.

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