Making Fitted Masks

The mask-making frenzy is less of a frenzy now, but masks are still needed, and will be needed for months to come.  I’m making a few masks each day, and trying out some of the other designs available on the internet.  I had been making the pleated masks, but I now also love making the shaped mask version that doesn’t have pleats.

For the shaped masks, I’ve used the fitted mask pattern by Tina Elmore-Wright, downloaded from the Joann mask-making page.

[Pattern download link here:]

The pattern has four different sizes, from infant to men’s/large.  My brother the transit driver gave a thumbs-up to the men’s mask.  The second largest size is for women/teens.  That one fits me well.

Shown below are all but the infant size.


It makes it fun to do sets of family masks. IMG_20200421_155500704aw

It’s fun to use with prints. IMG_20200425_185640442awIMG_20200424_164547590aw

A word of caution:  The pieces need to be cut in mirror images. IMG_20200425_185708066w

Otherwise, you’ll end up with two right or two left pieces, which can make for some er, unplanned combinations. IMG_20200425_185626632aw

There is still a need for the masks in the health care and care home sectors.  Then as businesses prepare to reopen in the coming weeks, they will need masks for staff, customers and visitors.

Thank you to health care workers, care home workers, and front line workers everywhere.  You are keeping us going.



15 thoughts on “Making Fitted Masks

      1. I totally agree. That’s me being practical; not pessimistic. They are key to resuming some version of ‘normal’, until we have a better way to control the virus.


  1. This is awesome…you are really getting it. I sent this to Jen and she was knocked out…She said “Max this lady is really good…I’m not sure if I can but…I want to try.”

    Love Billy’s tone on his guitar…that is great.

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    1. Thanks! It’s inspiring to see people come back to sewing to fill the need out there. She can definitely do this. And, she shouldn’t be afraid to donate what she’s made, even if she thinks there are mistakes or flaws. Believe me, mine aren’t perfect. No matter. They will all be used and appreciated. I’ve seen some facilities saying don’t bother to add elastic or ties; just make the mask part, and they will add the rest.

      Billy just recorded that video last Thursday, and I knew instantly I had to use it.

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