Is it too early for a countdown to Spring?

This was the kind of Sunday afternoon that makes me start counting the weeks until Spring.  A friend posted an invite this morning for an afternoon bike ride, and two of us joined her.  We met at the park and took off on the bike path.

After a couple of miles, we neared the grocery store, where I planned to drop the group and turn the outing into an errand.  I picked up a few things from the store and then headed back home on the bike path….in the sunshine, with sunglasses on, mittens off, and coat unzipped.

The crocuses haven’t even popped out in my yard yet, but I’m starting to get excited about Spring.

7 thoughts on “Is it too early for a countdown to Spring?

  1. I cannot wait til we can do this. We have a bike trail near us… We could have today…missed chance. After 15 degree weather, we finally get a good day. Bring on Spring.

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    1. Our temps are really bouncing around too. After that warm day, we got the polar vortex, and then near 70s this weekend. It’s fabulous to step outside and feel warm. I say keep your bikes ready, because surely we’ll get a few more warm days this month.

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      1. I need to grease up the bike and get it ready this winter. I’m looking forward to it…in spring.
        You gave me spring fever early.


      2. Hehe, that was my plan. For the next three months I’ll be thinking Spring is just around the corner, only to be disappointed over and over again. The best winter biking advice I’ve ever received is to bring the bike indoors. Working on it and getting ready to ride in warmth is THE way to go. (I realize not everyone wants a bike in the house…)

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