Mary Poppins Returns

If you loved the original Mary Poppins movie like I did, then Mary Poppins Returns is a must-see.  It is not a remake of the 1964 movie.  It is a continuation of the story, 20 years later.  The music and actors are different from the original, but it feels completely connected.  I got emotional several times during the movie, not because it was sad (it isn’t), but because it was wonderful to have more of the Mary Poppins story.  Put the two movies together, and it’s a captivating miniseries.

There’s the familiar London steeples and rooftops,London skyline at night

and the familiar Cherry Tree Lane.mary_poppins rooftops

Cherry Lane

I don’t want to give away any surprises or spoilers, so no more details about the film.  But as always, I came away with sewing inspiration, too.  I’ll have to wait for better views when the movie is available for streaming, but for now here’s what I’ll be looking at:

Mary’s carpet bag, blue striped coat and striped skirt.  Coat and bag2

Bag - Copy


Striped Skirt 2

Jane Banks/Emily Mortimer’s pants-vest outfit.  The pants in particular.  They are pleated and baggy, and the hem hits where the ankle meets the foot.  Pants

IMDB link for the movie:

If you are a Mary Poppins movie fan, and haven’t seen Mary Poppins Returns yet, I hope you can get to see it at the theatre.  Until then, here’s a little reminder from 1964.



11 thoughts on “Mary Poppins Returns

    1. Well, it was before VHS, so remember, if we missed it at the theater, we had to wait for the TV airing. If we missed that, we waited for it to be aired again sometime. I’ve practically forgotten what it was like before VHS, DVDs and streaming options. I loved the Mary Poppins songs as a kid, but loved the movie more as a young adult. Not sure why that was.

      I think it would be just as captivating to watch the two movies in reverse order, for someone who wants to go ahead and see ‘Returns’ while it’s in the theater.

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      1. My cousin is down…he is a little older than me…now he wants to see it. He loves Chitty Chitty Bang Bang… So he said he will be down next weekend with the original Mary Poppins.
        I know what you mean…everything is so instant now…back then if you missed out…you missed out.


  1. My cousin and I watched it yesterday…two grown men watching Mary Poppins lol… It was good… the special effects were great for the time…I enjoyed it.


    1. Haha, that must have been quite a watch party. It’s great you liked it. I don’t know what you thought about the length, but I suspect the original movie is longer than what it would have been if made today. I bet they would have cut out some of it today. But it was full of fun adventures. At any rate, you are now ready to see the 2018 movie. 🙂

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      1. I was going to say that…it was a long movie. Yes now I will be ready…
        I don’t ordinarily like musicals but that one was good. I forgot Dick Van Dyke was in it.


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