They decided to tear down the baseball stadium

This was the last game ever for the Wichita Wingnuts professional baseball team.  After eleven years as a team, they have called it quits, because they are losing their stadium.  This was also the last game to ever be played in the historic Lawrence-Dumont baseball stadium.  The city plans to tear down the 84-year-old stadium and put up a new structure.

The view from the tailgating-picnic lawn outside:

WP_20180903_003 a

This towering light scaffold is one of the originals installed in the ballpark.

L-D light tower

The old scoreboard was really fun.  When the opposing team failed to score in an inning, a goose would travel across the board and drop a goose egg for that inning.

The stadium is also home to the National Baseball Congress World Series, which has been held annually for 84 years–the oldest baseball tournament in the country.  Many, many famous MLB players played in the NBC World Series in the early days of their careers.  I wrote about the tournament in 2016.  It’s not every day that Roger Clemens, Adam LaRoche, Jeremy Guthrie, and more ex-MLB stars form a team and show up to play in your tournament.  They brought their families and spent the week with us at the ballpark.  They did it again in 2017, and brought Chipper Jones, Roy Halladay, Heath Bell, Joe Nathan, and some more memorable players with them.  That’s over now too.

National Anthem

Coming back to 2018 and this last game ever.  There was a good crowd in attendance.  Rain threatened all day, but stayed away during the game.

WP_20180903_015 c

The first few innings progressed like any game.

WP_20180903_006 b

In the 7th inning, the crowd’s singing of ‘Take Me Out to the Ballgame’ was particularly spirited.  “And it’s root, root, root for the Wingnuts!”

The ‘Garbage Gremlin’ made his last pass through the stadium.

garbage gremlin priv

Kids who have collected a bag of trash in the stadium get to walk in a procession behind the Garbage Gremlin near the end of the game.

WP_20180903_011 a

Too soon, it was the top of the 9th inning.  The ‘Nuts were ahead 4-1.  Their opponent, the Sioux City Explorers, had 2 outs, so this was likely the stadium’s last batter ever.

WP_20180903_019 b

The crowd stood.

WP_20180903_018 a


Then it was all over but the handshakes and hugs.

WP_20180903_030 aWP_20180903_035 a

In 2019, there will be no stopping at the ballpark to watch some baseball before heading home from the office.  There will be no more yelling, “Go ‘Nuts!”  The NBC World Series will have a temp home at the university.

After 2019, we don’t know for sure what the new stadium/venue will look like, but we have now been given an idea.  It may be designed to accommodate other uses too, such as soccer and outdoor concerts.

New Lawrence Dumont Stadium rendering 9-2018

It’s also been confirmed that a new baseball team will move in and take up residence in our new stadium.  Wichita will be the new home of the New Orleans Baby Cakes, the AAA affiliate of the Marlins.  Not too shabby.  Stay tuned….

10 thoughts on “They decided to tear down the baseball stadium

    1. I agree. A painting of Paige’s jersey always hung on the outfield wall. Surely they’ll bring that and the other important connections with the past into the new place. The new place will include an NBC World Series history museum. I can see wanting today’s players and fans to have a facility that isn’t substandard. This one really was showing its age, I guess. I didn’t have any complaints as a spectator, but it does need to be a place where players and coaches want to come and play. The proponents of razing the structure said it couldn’t be upgraded to the standard of today’s minor league ballparks. I’m nervously hoping all turns out well.

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      1. We have the Nashville Sounds…they had a stadium that was built in the 70s that they moved from a couple of years ago…but it was run down…they have a nice one now…
        I really like minor league baseball….

        I get it though….you have to be competitive of the other stadiums.

        Love the name of the team and the “Go Nuts” chant is great.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It’s great you have AAA baseball there. We will be lucky to have the team we are getting. But I’m also really going to miss the Wingnuts (and their chant). It’s a shame they were put in a position where the best thing was to dissolve. They were a good team, and lots of fun to watch. I bet they would have thrived in another city, if they had wanted to move.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I really enjoy the team here. I do like the new stadium also but I miss the guitar shaped score board.
        Hopefully your new team will bond with the city.


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