I have a Nook.  Actually, I have two Nooks: a first-generation Nook with wifi, 3G, and a black & white e-ink screen; and a Nook Color.   For reading I love my first-gen Nook.  It is easy on the eyes, and there are no distractions because the Nook doesn’t have a browser or support apps.  For a tablet I love my Nook Color.  The backlit screen on the Color is hard on the eyes for reading, even with brightness adjustment.  But it is great for a portable wifi browser, for carrying a library of my documents with me for easy access and editing, for checking and responding to emails, and having a version of my calendar that is easy to access and update.

The first book that always comes to mind when I think of myself as a reader, is Rebecca.  The thrilling, romantic story is set first in Monte Carlo, and then Cornwall, England.  The book is like a first-love.  I can never forget it.  I first read it in high school, and have reread it several times, at various stages of my life.  Various bits of the story grab me differently each time.  My opinions of each character have evolved with each reading as well.  So, how does the book, Rebecca tie into a discussion about the Nook?  Well, because Rebecca is not available in the Nook format.  I keep checking to see if it has been added to Nook offerings, and so far, no.  Do I even want to read it on a Nook?  I’m not sure I do, but I do want a copy stored on my Nook so I can have it with me just in case.  I cherish my old copy of Rebecca.  It is an original printing book club edition, so not of collector value.  But I cherish it just the same.  Part of the reading experience is holding that old book with the yellowing pages.

On my Nook right now I’m reading the Litigators.  The Nook is fine for that one.  It is a fun read so far.

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